Moving prairie gentian

rejeanne1297May 4, 2013

My prairie gentian is very mature (at least ten years old) and now it needs to be moved. It's overgrown with periwinkle, which is very much a weed in my garden.

I've lifted it, but I can't seem to remove the periwinkle, which has rooted between and among the gentian's stems.

I've thought of washing all the soil off the root ball to make removal easier, but I'm worried this may give the plant too much of a shock.

I may be able to divide it, but I don't know whether prairie gentian would survive it.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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well before u move any plant, you'd need to give it a good drink first. you should have a large root ball. then use a chop stick & scissors to gently pry and cut loose those periwinkle. place immediately in it's new location. Do all these early in morning or late afternoon when the sun isn't too strong.

according to some information I have found, gentians can be divided.


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