WANTED: C. indica 'Purpurea', have lots to trade

girlndocs(8 WA)May 14, 2008

This is my first year growing canna and I have fallen in love with C. indica 'Purpurea'.

If you have extra rhizomes I would love, love, LOVE to trade with you.

I have a lot of seeds including perennials and ornamental grasses, and dahlia tubers, iris rhizomes, daylilies, heirloom glads and hardy glads to trade -- check out my list. I really want to grow Purpurea this year.



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I've got 'Purpurea' and I can see why you love it. It's always grown beautifully here in 6b (microclimate 8a). I'm a real Dahlia fan and would love to trade! I have other cannas available, as well and will attach my tradelists here to move things along.
Happy Spring and I look forward to a great trade!

Seeds I have to trade:
Canna edulis
Canna, others
Roses, too many to list here
Other seeds - hundreds; too many to list, just ask

Seeds I am looking for:
Coffea sp.

Plants I have to trade:
Very large variety of Cacti & other Succulents
Jack-in-the-Pulpit, native variety
Dutchmen's Breeches, pink and white flowered
Maidenhair Fern
Male Fern
Trout lily: white with pale pink flowers and heavily purple mottled foliage
Solomon's Seal
Variagated Solomon's Seal
Sedum tel. "Black Jack" very black foliage
Sedum "Angelina"
Agave pups, 3-4 types
More cacti & other succulents than I know what to do with!
Hatiora & Rhipsalis'
Peonies; too many to list
Purple Sessile Trillium
Purle foliaged clover, hardy to zone 5
****Terrestrial Orchid, Aplectrum hyemale. Very rare. Native. Easy to care for. Will only trade a few to maintain the balance in my woodland habitat. and only for a really special trade.
Gooseneck Loosestrife
Heirloom Daffodil, 1620, N. telemonius plenus. naturalizes well and each bulb mutates at will. All are very double; some are all yellow, some look like peonies on a bad hair day with white, green and yellow petals.
Heirloom Daffodil N. actaea. Orig. "Poets' Daffodil.
Bluebells, Virginia - Mertensis virginica
gentain blue native fragrant woodland phlox. 18 in. tall.
Bamboo, Yellow-groove
Native red & yellow columbine
groundnut - Apios americana - few trades
Cinnamon Vine - few trades - Dioscorea batatas
Variety german bearded Iris
Lime Balm - yes LIME
species H. fulva
Autumn Red
Catherine Woodbury
Coryton Pink
Fairy Tale Pink
Joan Senior
Ruffled Apricot
Honey Redhead
Currant Red
Bells of Gold
Peach Blow
Pink charm
Big Kiss
Miss Jessie
Open Hearth
Strawberry Candy
Regency Summer
Bamboo Blackie
My Ruffled Jewel
Emma's Pastel Ruffles
Lady Neva
Orchid Corsage
Memphis Knight
Elfin Illusion
Spilt Milk
Sun Power
Sum & Substance
Blue Angel
So Sweet
many more...
Lg. variety ornamental grasses
Cannas: Cleopatra, Black Knight, Journey's End, Bengal Tiger, few trades of each
Saffron Crocus-limited number
French Shallot bulblets
Plume Poppy - Macleaya cordata
Lemon balm
Surprize Lily - Lycoris sqamigera
Giant Butterbur - Petasites japonica var. 'Gigantia'
Garlic Mustard aka Jack by the Hedge - Alliaria sp.
Several types of Cryptanthus
Hoya, Mexican rope
Osmanthus longistylus - rarer native form of Sweet Cicely. tastes the same; easier to care for. Looks similar.
Angelica atropurpurea
Seneca Black Snakeroot
Here's the list of roses available & the list of ones I can offer cuttings from:
R.x hibernica - Wild Irish Rose
R. woodsii
R. rugosa typica
R. rugosa alba
R. davidii
R. pomifera (alpine rose)
R. foliolosa
R. harrisonii
R. nitida
Sir Thomas Lipton
Rosarie L'He
Therese Bugnet
Old Blush
Narrow Water
Scot's Briar - R. spinosissima
Stanwell Perpetual
The Gift
Zepherine Druhin
R. xanthina
Blanc Double de Coubert
R. alba semi-plena - White Rose of York
R. damscena officinalis - Apothecary or Red Rose of Lancaster
R. moschata
Commandante Beaurepaire
Don Juan
R. mulliganii
R. acicularis
Betty Prior
Dorothy Perkins
R. pendulina
R. eglanteria - apple-scented foliaged Eglantine rose of Shakespeare
Carefree Delight
R. glauca
Many more; too many to list; just ask! I also have over 300 plants from which I can trade cuttings, such as: Arctic Kiwi male & female, Viburnum opulus var. rosea, Red twig dogwood, 15 or so different varieties of Elderberry and the same number varieties of willows; etc.

Plants I am looking for:
Sedum roseum aka Rhodiola rosa - will make a trade for this very worth your time!!!
Thalia sp,
fragrant Amer. Water Lily
Trillium grandiflorum
Bananas; any variety
Kaffir Lime
Fairy Moss; floating
Water lettuce
other trilliums
Dahlias: purples, cactus forms, tempt me.
Agapanthus, any blue variety
Bald Cypress seedlings
water lilies, minis - hardy
Lotus, hardy
Wild blueberries
Wild strawberries
Wild ginger, European - Asarum europeum
Grecian Foxglove - Digitalis lanata
water hyacinth
BULBS! Tempt me!
Hardy water plants: scouring rush, water fern (floating), Pickerel weed
Bog Plants
Woodland plants
Canna 'Stuttgart'
Canna 'Australia'
Lavenders- ANY! but, stoechas, any others
Rosemary - any form; upright or prostrate
Lady's Slipper Orchids
Species roses, such as: Rosa carolina, R. palustris, R. arkansana, R. californica, R. primula, R. virginica, R. ecae, R. moyesii, R. canina
Other roses: The Fairy, Little White Pet, Lavander Pinocchio, Cafe Ole, Basye's Purple, miniatures, purples, multicolors for hobby hybridizing.

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girlndocs(8 WA)

Hi Lily,

I'll email you directly :)



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girlndocs(8 WA)

I'm still looking :(



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