What seeds can I plant now (end May) for flowers in June/August?

Spellbound(5a)May 25, 2011

I am a container-gardener and my gardening area has full sun (like 6-8+ hours a day) and I'd like to know what seeds I can plant NOW that will flower before the end of August? I am moving in September and don't want to miss out on the blooms. (Or what about gladiolus bulbs, can I plant more of them or is it too late now?)

I also have another balcony with shade - any flowering blooms for there would be great too, but I want to plant everything from SEED instead of buying plugs. Is it too late for any more direct-sowing? I'm just so addicted!! I need more more more seeds...

Any suggestions appreciated! (I'm in Ottawa, btw.)

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try growing cosmos. Technically you should have seeded about a month ago. There might be still time to catch up.

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I actually planted several cosmos over the last week. When do you think they will come up?

Any other suggestions? :)

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