Lily of the Valley questions!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)April 21, 2007

I thought L of V would be a good bouquet filler, besides being, to me, an attractive flower. I'm getting feedback from people who tell me it's invasive, once you plant it you'll have L of V all over and in flower beds. I googled invasive plants, didn't come up with LV anywhere, or maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Have you had, and would you please share your experience with this plant. At the present time, I have it planted in a good size pot till I find out more about it. TIA, Pat

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In my native state of MI it will fill in a flower bed but I wouldn't consider it invasive there. But with the longer growing season here in CA I guess it could be. They have a nice scent if you enjoy that.

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wanda(Z9 CA)

I've found it difficult to grow in my zone; not enough winter chill I think, or else I'm doing something wrong

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It is not invasive in California. I grow it and for the first five years, I was killing myself to get it to take. Now it does well, but does not spread out. The secret is a daily afternoon watering. If you can get to take at all, you are lucky.

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

I have it established, but it acts like a spring bulb, comes up and blooms (for about 10 days) then goes dormant when the heat hits. It is spreading, but loosely, popping up here and there, I don't think it would ever get thick enough for a ground cover. the link below is a post I did earlier this spring with a picture of it in my garden

Here is a link that might be useful: lov pic

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

davisue, thanks so much for your input! I have it now plantd in a good size pot, think I'll leave it there till I see what kind of performance I get, especially when the weather changes. Instructions say "partial shade to shade". Being in the pot I'll be able to move it about for exposure corrections(hopefully)I'm beginning to think I have a "punishment" complex when I get plants that prove to be more tempermental than I care to deal with. Pat

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We've all been tempted by zone-denial plants, Pat. But when they do work out, it's worth all the heartache. :D

Hopefully we'll get to see pics of your thriving LOV in a year or so!


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