WANTED: Canna Lilly Web Pests

leshamilton1July 24, 2007

This is my first year to try cannas. They have beautiful red blooms, but the leaves on my plants will not unfurl and whenever I unfurl them myself, there is a web like from a spider inside the leaf and small worms and a very messy interior. How do I get rid of these pests and what pesticide, if any, should I use. I have thought of cutting them completely down and letting them start over; however, figured someone else may have had the same problem and could help with this problem. I would appreciate any help, as in the FAQ section of the web page, it only tells about the problem, not what to do about it. Can someone help me?

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They are leaf rollers. Malatheon should do the trick. For me, they are worst in early spring when the plants are just getting started. I police the plants every evening. The worms are small and white, about 1/2" long. Once the plants get bigger the leaf rollers are'nt much of a problem for me.

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For Southlatropical 9 - many thanks for your response. This is my first time to try cannas and I am not sure I will continue. At least now I know what the pests are and how to eliminate them; however, my plants are at least 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet high and I am still being bombarded by leaf rollers. Obviously here in Tennessee, they are much harder to control than in South Louisiana. By the way, I was born and raised in LA, near Lake Charles and DeRidder. Good to hear from you.

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You can use trichogramma wasps (they don't sting us; they're microscopic) or BT, which is bacillus therengensis or something spelled sort of like that, if you don't want to use a toxin.

Hang in there;
cut off the misshapen leaves & let your cannas start over;
I bet there's still time for a new batch of leaves & maybe blooms this year.

& once you get rid of one generation of canna leaf rollers, it's much easier to control them in the future.

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sylviatexas, I have noticed red wasps hanging out around my cannas on a regular basis. Do red wasps also hunt down leaf rollers? I saw one hovering slowly with what appeared to be a small caterpillar in it's grasp.

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