Choosing a community garden plot

tomatotomataApril 24, 2012

I posted this over in the Community Garden forum, but no response. Maybe someone here can help.

I have the chance to select a plot in a new community garden. What attributes should I consider? By that I mean, should I try to be west of the other plots? Away from the road? In the middle? On the edge?

My concerns: I want to have a successful garden (so I don't want to be shaded by another plot), but I also want to be a good neighbor (so I don't shade their plot).

The whole garden is flat and unshaded, so maybe there is no advantage to any particular spot. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

The one closest to the water spigot.

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I am in a community garden plot since January of this year. I like being in the middle because no on can reach over the fence from the outside and steal. I also like being surrounded by friendly neighbors who are knowledgeable about veges. Our water is placed at the corner of four plots so every plot is good. Enjoy.

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Since the garden is new, you don't yet have a lot of information that would be useful if the garden were older, like, which gardeners are nice to garden next to, which are shading YOU, which are growing invasives like amaranth that blow onto your plot, etc.

Here are some ideas, which may or may not apply to your situation:
- is there a driveway? do you want to be near it?
- are you a neat gardener and want others to see your plot from the street?
- is the garden set up so some plots are near the fence, where you can leave bags of fertilizer, tubs, etc. (whereas in the middle of the garden you can't)?
- are all the pathways level and easy to navigate?
- if the garden is large, which plot is closest to the shed/bathroom/parking lot/street?

Good luck!

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