Brand new to jades. Specific instructions please!

mrsmodernhousewifeApril 7, 2014

I have been reading through a lot of posts on this forum about jades and how to take care of them. Most of those posts pertain to older/established jade plants.

I Stopped by lowes just to look and of course ended up buying a couple. One is a ripple jade, one Crosby's compact mini, and the bigger one may be crosby's compact too. I get lowes isn't the best place to buy, but it is the only local option. The soil in the two smaller pots is dry, but moist in the bigger pot. Small pots are 2 inch and big pot is 3.5 inch.

My questions are:

1) Do I repot these now in a better mix? And do I remove/wash off all of the soil before repotting? If so, how do i get the new mix close into the roots when repotting? And do I use a different size pot or just replant with new mix in these pots?

2) Pruining/pinching. I would like to remove a couple stems and grow them into single trunk tree looking plants. (bonsai? them) Do I go ahead and pinch the top set of leaves now to do that or leave the top leaves on until the plants are taller?

3) Are these stems too close together if I chose to leave a group together for a bushy plant? Should they be loosened and replanted farther apart? There are 4 separate stems/trunks in each of the smaller pots and 6 in the bigger pot.

Thank you so much if you take the time to answer. I get that these are very hardy plants if I do mess up, but am having trouble finding info on getting started with young plants.

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Um, maybe I did the images wrong above?

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This is the ripple jade

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Sorry that I have nothing to add, other than I now want a ripple jade!

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1) They will last in those little pots for a while longer ... wait for the mix to dry out before watering again, but I'd repot sooner rather than later. Yes, gently remove/wash off all of the soil. Don't worry about getting soil into the roots. If you gently shake the pot as you put it in, the mix will get into the roots. If they feel wobbly at first, I place chopsticks or wood skewers on either side of the stems to hold them steady until the roots grab hold. I would go up about one inch for pot size. The easiest, most available thing to do is get a bag of cactus soil mix and a bag of perlite (about $4 each at Lowes), and mix half and half.

2) Pruning/pinching; I'd let them grow a little taller before you start pinching. Note that if you pinch the top set of leaves, it will split into two stems, which sounds like the opposite of what you want to do. Eventually, start taking off the bottom leaves and let the single trunk grow taller. Branching is difficult to stop in a healthy jade, though.

3) If you like them close together, leave as is, but if you want the option to separate as they get bigger, I would gently loosen them up before you pot them in something larger. They may eventually grow too close together to separate later without doing a little damage.

The advice available here for larger, established jades is the same for young, small jades. The ones you have look very healthy, and they are pretty easy to grow, provided you give them well-draining soil and lots of light. Good luck, they're very cute!

Here is a link that might be useful: Search for repot jade

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