They should be ashamed!


Yesterday I went to a "very good" nursery. So I said to myself," Hmmmm I wonder if they have any brugs?" So I asked the plant manager and he said, "We sure do, follow me we got some in a month or so ago but they defoliated and we set them out to get some sun, oh and by the way it�s variegated I think or perhaps a bit damaged from the transport but I am sure we can get you a good price on it." Oh I was sort of happy, perhaps they had a named variety such as a Snow Bank and I can purchase it.

So I happily followed behind him in a BRUG induced euphoria. We are walking and I am thinking about what spot to put it in, in my already crowded garden. Finally we get to it and I just about fall out it�s a Snow bank about 7-8 inches long and whole lot of sad growing up from the roots and in a ten inch pot that has seen better days. I am still optimistic because hey it can grow big with a lil TLC. The lumbering manager and I take the long trek back to the register as it had no price on it.

I�m really euphoric now, So he started looking it up, he�s just a tapping on the computer and then turns to me and says, "Oh it�s $89.99 , but I can get it for you for half off!" Before I knew what I was thinking was coming out loud I said, "Dios, you have got to be kidding me!" Then he said, "Oh this is a special NEW Hybrid, "Snow Bank" and the creator only allowed our nursery to sale these here in Michigan and you can�t buy it online anywhere." I was nice , I did no eye rolling or telling him how deeply fried his brain was , I just politely said , " No thank you and walked away putting my cart load of plants back in their proper place and walked out the door. My question who does he think he was talking to?? Humpty Dumpty, I don�t claim to be a Brugoligist, (word?) but I know for a fact that "Snow Bank" has been out for a while now.

Thank you for letting me vent,

The GardenPooter

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

Yes, he should be ashamed. I don't think that establishment would get any more of my business.
If my NOID was a snowbank I would send you a cutting for postage.

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What an a**hole!!!! I wouldn't give them anymore of my business either. You can tell him that Terra Nova didn't know anything about his exclusive when they released Snowbank years ago. lol

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Let's face it- he is a typical nursery worker that does not know kr*p about what he is selling, for the most part. We all run into these kinds all the time. It is pitiful!


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Oh no they will never get my business again, burn me once I am done! I will be down at Detroit's Eastern Market where a very passionate tropical plants vendor has a spot and always have something that I just have to have! Every year he has brugs thats he has grown from seed so always something strange for my little change, $ 8.00 in fact. I really don't care if they are NOIDS or not they are all beautiful to me! You all are great to listen to me ramble one as I have.


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I have a few plants you can have if you like. If you want some green cuttings I have 25 or so named brugs that you can have starts to.
I live in Taylor near metro airport.
Email me if you are interested.

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I would call the management and report him, plus send them a few links to places you can buy Snowbank online.

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chena(z8 Texas)

LMAO!! What a Donkey!!! But you know what they say.. You just can't fix STUPID!! Wonder where he bought this Exclusive Original.. ;0)


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Thanks everyone, I was just outdone! Bill thank you , I never knew any Michigan Brugheads before! I will email you as soon as I figure out how for your cuttings you can have a desert rose noid! I found nice sized sago palm at them market for a buck fifty! So I am guessing that will soothe my plants addiction for now!

The Garden Pooter!

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chena(z8 Texas)

You will be Amazed at just who you might find here.. LOL I hope you will stick around.. This is a great and Very generous group of growers.. More like Family!!


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I have never had a desert Rose before, so I will look forward to swapping although it isn't really necessary.

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Oh my you all are so sweet @ Bill its necessary because you made me smile! For that in it self makes it so! @ Chena you are sooo right and I am not going anywhere, I am simply learning so much!

Thanks again,

The Garden Pooter!

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I got my Snowbank back in April 2009 off of ebay for $7.95 with $5 S&H. That guy was insane!!! It was a tiny 12" stick but is now over 7ft. tall with multiple branches.

It made it fine through the winter freeze without losing hardly any leaves. I hope it flowers soon.

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