success in GTA/Ontario5a with pawpaws?

Vijebrs(5a)May 17, 2013


Has anyone in Ontario Zone 5A, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, had any success with planting and growing pawpaws?

1) How long have you had your trees?

2) How big were they when you planted them?

3) What problems have you had with them?

4) How did you protect the young'uns from wind, and until what point (height? time from planting?)?

5) I know they must start in shade, but can they stay in shade?

6) Did you plant at least two trees, and if so, [a] did you have to ensure that they are genetically different, and [b] how far apart did you plant them?

7) Do beetles and flies pollinate the flowers, or do you have to pollinate by hand?

8) Do the flowers smell bad? If so, how far do you need to be from the flowers not to notice the smell?

9) How many years before one gets fruit?

  1. What DOs and DON'Ts can you suggest?


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I planted 5 saplings this spring. They have all leafed out and appear to be doing well. I have planted them along a fence line bordering our wood lot. They are shaded from the morning sun, but get the west sun in the afternoon. I am hoping that they are genetically different, but don't really know for sure. They are 4-5 feet tall and I haven't provided any artificial wind/sun protection for them. I ordered them from Grimo's Nut Farm and followed all of their planting directions to the letter. I have my fingers crossed. I am in the Belleville area, so marginal for paw paws. I don't expect them to flower for at least 2 years.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

They can be grown successfully in the Guelph area. I don't have any myself, but I believe the Univ. Arboretum has some growing there.

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