white feather hosta

kytaMay 5, 2006


I live in southern ontario and am looking to purchase a white feather hosta. I can't find this anywhere.

Any ideas????



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cherylnpickering(z5b ONT)


It's not listed with any of the Canadian suppliers in the link. If your search comes up empty handed, your welcomed to have an eye from mine. As a sidenote.. Outhouse Delight and White Wall Tire are jsut a few others that come up white


Here is a link that might be useful: hostalinks

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I would So love an eye of this hosta. I have called all the major nurseries in my area and none have this. Some have never even heard of this hosta.

I will leave my address and I would gladly pay for the eye.

Much appreciated,

Kelly Edmondson
395 Jasmine Court
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 6P8

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jimshostas.com has them, catalog is on line.

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veseys.com carries it will ship

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I just saw some at my local Canadian Tire Garden Centre (Ottawa, Ontario)! I almost bought one but think I will go back as it is truly unique. I found Canadian Tire to have great prices and they carry a lot of the Proven Winners line.

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