Free compost manure? What kind?

sanda(Uz10/Sz23 SoCal)April 16, 2010

Hi everyone! I am in Noth OC. I have an established garden with awful clay soil planted with tropicals (more details if you click on my profile) I really need to improve the soil, and am looking for sources of FREE compost manure, from places like Norco and such...Now, poop is just poop or does it make a difference on what kind of poop? Horse, cow, rabbit, chicken or steer manure? Could you share a good source?

Also info on how much to add in, since the planters are established and planted close together, I can't really turn the soil, just add on top...2" or so? And then add mulch?

I've bought bagged compost before and ended up with a bunch of weeds... also bought bagged mulch and again, weeds...sigh! I have a fairily big lot so at this point I'm looking for a free sounce.

Thanks so much for the help,


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I don't know about free compost... Mushroom compost can be had cheap, but is high in salts...

What you can get free, and delivered, are tree chippings from local tree trimmers. Just try to avoid a load with a lot of palm leaves or the like as they don't break down.

Friends with a very large lot had mountains of chippings delivered which they spread around the yard as mulch (Do not dig them into the soil!). After 3 years the chippings had decomposed enough that they could plant directly in them and the soil below was full of worms...


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