Avocados in Sacramento area

norcal916(USDA 9 / Sunset 14)April 17, 2008

Not sure if this question has already been addressed in the past but I did a search and couldn't find...

I live just east of Sacramento in Fair Oaks. Bought a 3 foot tall Haas Avacado last year. I planted in a large container thinking the Haas would be too frost sensitive for in ground( I move it into garage for the night if there's a hard frost/freeze predicted). Currently it's lush with new leaves and looks great. My question is does anyone know if it will eventually bear fruit strictly as a container tree ? I assume it wouldn't be wise to plant a Haas in ground here?

On that note does anyone know of or have experience growing other hardier avacado types like Bacon or Fuerte that will do good and produce in ground in Sacramento?

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kerrican2001(z9b CA)

THE best avo variety for inland NorCal is hands down Mexicola or Mexicola Grande (same tree but bigger fruit). Bacon and Fuerte will be fine for 10 to 15 years and then get whacked back by a hard freeze before regrowing, but Mexicola will be unscathed and prolific. Our friends have been growing them for many years with great success. The nurseries don't always stock them but they can definitely order them.

Hass is NOT good in the ground in Sacramento. It does okay in the coastal Bay Area (Oakland, San Jose, etc) but not inland. Really frost tender.

Trust me on Mexicola! You won't be sorry!

Oh, keep in mind avocados like a little filtered afternoon shade if possible in a hot area.

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norcal916(USDA 9 / Sunset 14)

kerrican2001 -thanks for the tip. I will look into the Mexicola !

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Is there much difference in fruit between Hass and Mexicola?

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Also a frost tender plant always has a better chance in ground then kept in a pot. Better to plant the Hass and enjoy until a 1990 type freeze returns in 10 or 20 years, or never again.

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kcdeadeye13(9b Ca)

kerrican2001, great advise on what to grow. Just one point of fact, Mexicola and Mexicola Grande are not related other than they are both avocados. Mexicola Grande is called that as a sales tool. Kerrican where do you live? I am in Newman in the central valley. Kern

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I planted an avocado from seed about 7 years ago and this year it is full of blooms. What's the chance of avocados this year?

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