San Pedro Cactus

Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)April 15, 2012

Hi All, first time on this forum!

Do any of you have a suggestion on what to do with a San Pedro Cactus that has gotten to be a couple of stories tall?

It is in kind of a bad location and we really do not need a 20-30' cactus in the garden.

Can we cut sections and repot? Should we wait til it is done blooming?

Any ideas?


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Yes, you can cut sections - probably 4-6' sections would be easiest to prop / reroot.

Cut with a hygenic knife / saw, set the sections aside to callous for a few days. Once the ends are dry, prop them up in pots with the cut end just into a thinnish layer of soil (and this soil should be porous). Heavily mist / fine spray the cuttings planted end every few days. If you can place the cuttings' pots on warm cement so much the better - the cut end will root faster. Repot / plant into the ground when the cuttings are rooted (should be in about 2 months, if that).

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Thanks for the idea.

If I cut the 20'+ sections in to 6 footers, will the 2 with cuts on top and bottom look okay? How will the top cut heal?

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Cut it at an angle (so rainwater doesn't pool) but these beasts are generally self-healers. The top will scab over and begin growing again, albeit at an angle from the cut. Really, you could also root the sections by laying them on the ground, but that would look a little strange (albeit a good strange).

It would be great to see the forest of rooting cuttings, so you should show me a picture of what's going on.

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