Type of Maple tree to plant?

woodsprite_61(5b Ont.Canada)May 18, 2007

Looking 4 maple tree; biggest, longest-living, best type for zone 5b? Any adivice or pointers to a good authorative info source, book or URL, very welcome. Thxs :)

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I garden in Z5a. I also wanted a hardy maple that would give me gorgeous fall colour. I bought 'Green Mountain Sugar Maple' at Humbers in Brampton. They told me this one was the one that grows in New England and gives the goreous colour. We bought 10 of them and planted them along the laneway. That was 6 years ago and they are really starting to fill out now. Marg

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woodsprite_61(5b Ont.Canada)

Thanks, Marg. I looked at some pictures, it's a pretty tree. Nice shape. Have they grown much in 6 years? What colour do they turn in fall? Sandy

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Sandy: The trees were, I think, about 12' when we bought them. They have grown about 4'. We get some harsh winter winds here, we're in a valley and the winds tunnel through here in the winter. They have done more filling out than growing tall for now. They are just starting to show their true colors. Marg

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