dry shady spot suggestions

hamiltonblooms(6a Ontario)May 29, 2011


I am looking for something that will grow in a very dry shady spot. The front of my house faces east, there is a medium size maple tree about 10-15 feet from the front of my house. Right now there is solomans seal growing in the corner and doing good, the garden is mounded. Help.

Thank you, HamiltonBlooms...

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As long as it's not a very shady dry spot....
Some perennials:
Helleborus foetidus, niger, x hybridus
Campanula persicifolia
Vinca minor
Lamium galeobdolon ssp. argentatum
Viola hirta, odorata
Spring woodland ephemeral bulbs

Shrubs tend to be more picky on light requirements, especially when they already have to put up with dry conditions. The best shade & drought tolerant shrubs are native to scrubby woodlands which tend to be better lit than the underside of a maple tree.

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To smivies' list I would add hens & chicks, bleeding heart, primroses, yarrow, snow-on-the-mountain (aegopodium), artemesia.

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abrodie(z6 ON)

NOT AEGOPODIUM!!!!!!!!! The most invasive pest on the planet, although I've heard some say it has its place.

But I'd add ajuga to the list. It's easy to pull up if it spreads too far.

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hamiltonblooms(6a Ontario)

Thank you... definitely going to check out some of the suggestions.

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

Also a couple of the perennial Geraniums:

G. cantabrigiense
G. macrorrhizum

Also, Polygonatum (Solomon's Seal).

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I would suggest epimedium (barrenwort), brunnera, goatsbeard and bergenia.

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I'd add ginger, pulmonaria Mrs. Moon, and don't know the
species creeping campanula. Also digitalis nivea --a yellow
perennial foxglove--not sure of name.

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Creeping campanula = Campanula rapunculoides. You'll regret the day you ever introduced it to your garden. Lovely when in flower and very good in dry shade but spreads with abandon (both by seed and rhizomes) and is impossible to eradicate. The only way I've been able to get rid of it is by planting something more aggressive.

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