Jade is stalled

PhytoRoApril 28, 2013

I moved from PA to TX last summer, bringing with me a couple of jade cuttings. Put them in soil and saw some new leaves coing out. However, for a couple of months now I've noticed that those newer leaves are not growing and the plant itself seems to be stalled or not doing anything at all. Also, the smaller leaves seem to have a "dent" in the most distal part fro the stalk (thinking about it, that may mean that the leaves are growing, but not in the proper shape). Ay ideas as to why this could be? It's a rather smallish plant, I water it sparingly and it's on a west-facing window.
In PA it was growing quite well, I am not sure why it's behaving like this now.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Post a pic of the plant, the pot, and the soil.


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Here there is a pic of the plant.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The plants are fine. They just need a complete change of potting mix, a different container, and more light. I'd wrangle up a porous, free-draining mix, and then re-pot in about a month.


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Put your plant outside, let it get fresh air, sun and rain, and watch it wake up.


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thanks for your advice!!! what kind of soil should it be? I bought one that it says itôs special for cacti and succulents. How about the pot? Isnôt it good to be plastic or is it only the size? Too big? Too small? How much heat can the Jade stand? We get pretty hot around here in the summer time (Central Texas).

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Jades are from rocky hills in South Africa, so they can take some heat. Of course, they will sunburn if put directly in the sun after months indoors, so transition from partial shade to increasing sun when moving plants outdoors.

For a mix, I'd look for gritty, porous ingredients such as pumice, lava rock (scoria), turface, perlite, et cetera. I'd go with a clay pot, wider than deep.


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Thanks for the advice on the transitioning!
Where can I get the ingredients for your mix? Will a regular store carry them, like Loweôs?
What do you think about the soil sold as specifically for cacti and succulents?

sorry to bother you with so many questions!

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Unless you want to get fancy, perlite can be found easily at Lowe's. You can mix about 3/4 perlite with 1/4 garden soil. The mix will be light, porous and long-lasting. With many cactus and succulents that remain in the same pot for years, the goal is to use a mix that does not decompose so we try to avoid anything "organic" like peat moss, topsoil or compost. Most regular garden soil is not that high in organics. Not sure what you have access to but it might be OK in small amounts. Even if it is dense and clayey, the perlite will keep it porous. The peat mix it's in now has a finite lifespan before it decomposes and becomes harmful.

If you want to get fancy you can start looking for other substrates like turface, pumice and various different clays.

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thank you so much for all this info!! I think I will get a bag of garden soil from the store. I have no idea of what kind of soil I will have (Iôll be moving again in a couple of months) and I rather not risk this poor jade thatôs been through so much already.

I really appreciate your help and input!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yes, good advice from Xero.
The problem with these so-called Cacti and Succulent mixes is that they're still mostly peat moss. And as Xero says, you want to move away from organics when it comes to long term succulent potting.

When you get your Perlite, be sure to rinse it and screen it so that the fine dust is washed out. If unrinsed, the Perlite dust will clog your mix and impede drainage.
75 percent Perlite, 25 percent potting mix. Three scoops Perlite, 1 scoop Potting mix. Don't be tempted to add more "dirt" when you see the final mix. Trust it.

After a year or two, your Jade can be re-potted in a more aesthetic mix...assuming you're able to track down some of these more exotic and durable ingredients. You shouldn't have a problem finding various "grit" in Texas :-)


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also very grateful for more information!! I take that this is true for all succulents? Maybe thatôs why Iôve never had success with them.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Not all succulents ;-)
But a simple mix like this will work for a great deal of the plants we commonly discuss. If you plan to re-pot plants in the future, just post here and someone is sure to give you advice.


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