Cats won't transition from A. curassavica to A. viridis

flutterby64July 24, 2011

I have several Monarch cats on Tropical milkweed, but I'm running out of it. So I took one of the 4th instar cats and placed him on A. viridis thinking he would be ok with that. Instead, he started snapping his head up & down and eventually fell off the leaf and crawled away. Why did this happen? Can I not transition them to another type of mw?


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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

Back in '70s, I ran into extremely picky monarch cats all the time. These days, they don't seem to care. So I'm surprised you're having problems.

I'd work on switching the agreeable ones and hope you have enough tropical for those who refuse to switch.

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I'm not familiar with the viridis species but my cats have no problem switching between swamp, tropical, common, and butterfly weed.

I'm sure he will come around soon, Tony

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I just raised 10 cats that I found on both tropical & swamp milkweed & fed them common with no problem. I have some of the A.viridis in pots but forgot to try it with them before they pupated. I tbink this time of year, all the A.viridis is gone around the native areas because of the heat...I wonder if that is why it didn't like it??? Do you have any swamp or common? They seemed to love both for me! :o)
Lila aka 'imabirdnut'

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)


Did the little cats ever begin to eat the A. viridis? I know how awful it is when you feel you're going to run out of food for the little guys.


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Cats are often just the most finicky of eaters. I'm referring to the 6-legged kind, too. I reared a number of tobacco hornworms, and for the first time ever, could NOT get them to move from tomato to pepper, horsenettle or ground cherry. I even tried rubbing tomato plant scent on them. UGH!

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