Some pics from the greenhouse and yard

fool4flowers(8)June 5, 2010

The last 4 are how the blooms from the mystery plant looks now. Oh sorry not the bottom one. Its a giant green worm eating a brug so people could see what kind of damage they do.

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Karyn, I could be mistaken. It might have come from someone else but I could have sworn it was you, lol. By the way the next to last one is upside down. I got freaked out by all those giant green cutworms and didn't get a good pic of the plant. The one with the worms is sort of in front of it so I had to get John to go pull them off. They looked like they would bite, lol.

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Kristy, hey, hi, great to see you and see your pretties- well, except for the tomato hornworm! Oh, your first photo, aren't they called cat whiskers or something like that? They are very pretty.
That mystery plant looks alot like a plant Shawn shared with me early last year- perhaps he will recognize it. And is that Miz Scarlett? Mine just had a single blossom early in the week, but she has a bunch of teenie weenie buds, so she will give me a show in about 3 weeks.
Hugs, Brenda

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PKponder TX(7b)

Beautiful daylilies! I like the flower below the hornworm and the cat whiskers one too!


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Kristy it was from me and it's an Oyster Plant (Tradescantia spathacea) or something similar. I don't remember exactly which I had. Now that I see the whole plant I can tell. Mine hasn't bloomed. Actually it must have died at some point the past couple years. The close up shows just how cool looking the blooms are. From a distance they aren't impressive.

What's the flower in the first pic? Your DL's are so nice. Mine aren't open yet. I'm so jealous, your plumie is in bloom. I had tip damage to almost all of mine and wonder if I'll get a single inflo : ( What brug is that?

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it's good too see you post Pic's all of the Blooms are Georgeous, esp. that dark pink Brug, my Plumeria's are just
now getting leaves, yours is really pretty, I bet it's really fragrant

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Such nice photos! Alright, I'm getting my camera out!

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Kristy, your plants are doing great! I especially love the first one, what is it?

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Pretty daylilies. I've been finding those dern hornworms on my tomatoes too. Boy, one of those things can much a 5 ft tomato to practically nothing overnight grrr. One actually ate my nice Fish Pepper to twigs. I'm so mad that was such a nice looking pepper plant!

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Been picking those things off daily. I usually only get the little green worms. These things rear up like they bite, lol. The first pic is cat whiskers. I had wanted one for years and finally found one at this huge nursery we stopped at in Fredericksburg. That is Mz. Scarlett. I am trying to root another one off it. I had the one growing well until early spring and it just up and died. Most of the daylillies are from my aunt and a couple from Michelle. Is the foliage supposed to be light green on some of them? They look sickly, lol. Lenette I've never seen a fish pepper. Gotta look it up, lol. Karyn the flowers were really beautiful but small. Those are the seed pods I think. How they look now is totally different. Almost like dried flowers.

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Very Pretty Kristy!!!
SJN- have you used the fish pepper in cooking? I have a plant this year and so far I think it is a neat plant, no peppers yet tho.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Hi maemae amd kristy, Yes we use the fish pepper for seasoning fish and shrimp. You can use it fresh or dried. It is traditionally used in fish and seafood and also used to season white sauces by drying the pepper and then grinding into a fine powder. It is a beautiful variegated plant with white and green striped peppers. Some of my peppers last year had some yellow stripes as well.
When they age they will turn reddish so if you want to keep the white pepper for a white sauce you can pick it before it turns red and dry it in the dehydrator or in the oven on a low temperature. I would say it is a mild to moderate hot taste, dh would say mild lol.
Mine has a few new leaves on it so it will prob come back okay but I am mad cuz it was so pretty and getting flowers on it. I planted a few more seeds I had left from last year as a back up lol.
Kristy if you want seeds when I get peppers let me know. Sometimes some of the seeds come out albino but you just toss those most of them germinate out green and then variegate as they get older.

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I love your daylilies, they are really beautiful.

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Sure if you think about it when you have some extras I would try some. I looked it up and it is a pretty plant. I am enjoying the new daylilies as well. If I can keep my daughter from picking them, lol. I told her to let me at least see them once before she pics the whole stalk of flowers, lol. Going nuts again this year trying to get that crazy squash to germinate. We grew it for several years with no problem now nothing. Must be because I like to eat them so much, lol. It was too cool when I tried the first time and then it got too hot fast. Grrrr.

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Well, looks like i missed out on the fish Peppers last year, Lenette- I thought they were purely ornamental, like the purple ones and I liked the variegated foliage against the red peppers. I did have a bunch of volunteers in a pot I kept inside over the winter but they died from neglect early in the Spring. I have one more bittie baby volunteer that may make a plant. Thanks for sharing that info!
Kristy, my DIL passed me back a Miz Scarlett she had an extra one of- good to share out and get one back! For that emergency!
Those worms are scary, Kristy, they are huge. I have a real aversion to them since my dad made me pick them off his tomato plants when I was around 8 y-o. I had to squish them. YUCKY!! Totally gross for a little kid! LOL! Aren't hornworms some kinda sphinx moth? Clueless, me!!! I sure hope not, or that population is doomed around my tomatoes.

I have had 7 brugs bloom but except for Gemini, just getting 1-2 blossoms on my plants but..........I've been peeking and I got lots of buds, lots of Y's forming too, on seedlings that did not bloom last year because it was too cool a summer. The season is on the brink! Photos galore just around the corner! ;-)

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Brenda I am trying to root you another one from Miz Scarlett as well. The one I had for you was fine til spring and I should have sent it to you then. I am wondering if spider mites killed it. It just up and died and the bigger plants that were near it had spider mites but I didn't see them until it was too late. Maybe that combined with taking it out shocked it. I lost several things around the same time that had lived all winter. If nothing else I'll keep rooting some extras to make sure that one doesn't get lost. She is me and Johns favorite. Only having 1 or two blooms at a time on most of mine except one little white one. It stays short but has a pretty form. It had a whole little flush a month or so ago and smells like citrus. Getting spider mites in the greenhouse now. I hate to move them out they are so happy in there but getting crowded in there. One side has shade cloth and that side is going gangbusters. The other side they are getting sunburned and the stressed ones are getting all sorts of critters on them. Will have to at least move them and spray then get the shade cloth up on that side and will leave my favorites in there. They like the humidity and and amount of filtered shade. I think its a little cooler in there with fan on as well. It was so pretty outside today and so cool but I couldn't do anything because the fibromyalgia is in high gear right now. I feel about 90 years old, lol. Cut grass at church and at the house then dance with my daughter and husband Saturday night at a graduation party and been paying for it ever since, lol. Hope I can do something out there tomorrow.

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