curry leaf plants

betelnutApril 4, 2006

Does anyone have any ideas about where to buy murraya koeneiggi plants or seeds? Thank you

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Here in San Diego, you can get it from Exotica nursery in Vista. Of late, I have also noticed some Indian grocery stores selling these plants.

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nkt38238(Z9 CA)

I am in bay area, so I don't know about local places S. Ca. However, during summer, many Indian stores sell these plants in LA area (Artesia - Pioneer Street.)

Have a look at the brief article I wrote on curry plant at:

It also talks about online nursery selling curry leaf plant.

I purchased mine about 3 years ago. It's about 3' tall now. I am going to put it in ground this summer. It already has sucker sprouted (about 5-6" tall in an year).


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I got mine from St. Gabriel Nursery at 632 S. San Gabriel Bl., San Gabriel, CA 91776. Ph. # 626 286 0787.

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Kartuz Greenhouses in Vista,CA shipped my plants to San Jose and they are in great condition.

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I bought a 2.5 feet tall curry leaf plant in Half Moon Bay Nursery in Half Moon Bay, CA. The owner said that he keeps a few plants because of demand. It cost me $55 including tax. But the plant is mature. If you are in the San Francisco Bay area you can drive there and avoid the shipping cost.

11691 San Mateo Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 726-5392

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If you want seeds, drop me an email.


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Reagans nursery in Fremont has large 5' trees for $40 or so. And many other Tropical fruit trees.
I bought a Manila Mango from them in May-it's grown 18" over the summer and three flushes-a world record! world,-ha

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I have few curry leaf plants for sale. If you are in Southern California area, please email me.

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Healthy curry leaf plants for sale
6 to 8 inch plants $13.99 each.
postage $4.95 per package by priority mail.
call 281-257-0891 ask for leslie

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Hi Shaanp,

I'm in OC area and looking for curry leaf plant. Please let me know how to contact you.

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I have lots of curry leaf plants. If you live in Southern California, email me at:

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New curry leaf plants that I am growing from seeds.

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You are awesome. I haven't seen curry leaf growing from seeds. I am getting excited after seeing your seedlings.

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Long time lurker, first time commenting.

First of all, thanks for all the great advice I've read here and around the web. I have several curry leaf trees purchased last year and this year.

Secondly, If you are located in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco, I want to let you know that India Fresh at the corner of Hollenbeck and El Camino Real in Sunnyvale sells 6" curry leaf plants for $11 each this year in the springtime. (they were $15 last year) All are healthy and growing nicely. The price is terrific!!

The first set I acquired are clearly Gamthi variety (thick leaves, red petioles). The second set appears to be dwarf - green petioles. Here's the decoder ring I've gleaned from online:

Red petiole , thick leaves - Gamthi
Red petiole, thin leaves - Standard
Green petiole, thin leaves - Dwarf

I also picked up a 24" tree for $25 at India Fresh. It appears to be the dwarf variety. It's lovely.

Last year I picked up 4 curry leaf trees from Logee's online For $13 + shipping. They were tiny and fragile. They are also green petiole, so I presume they are the dwarf variety. This year they're much better - they grew to 18" in about a year.

I don't think India Fresh knows anything about what they get other than that they are curry leaf trees. they had no concept of red vs. green petiole. So I consider myself lucky to have picked up a number of both gamthi and dwarf curry leaf trees there.

I also ordered some seeds online from Hawaii Tropicals. About 35/63 seeds have germinated so far over the last month. When they get bigger I plan to give them as gifts to my many Indian coworkers. No idea yet what kind they will be since the petioles don't change until they get bigger.

Care: I use Osmocote shake fertilizer, plus a mild dose of liquid citrus tree fertilizer every two weeks. I also give them a little bit of chelated iron monthly and a little gypsum monthly, but staggered - never at the same time. On occasion I also give a little fish fertilizer. I once over-fertilized and the leaf edges turned black, so I backed down the concentration a bit. Every week they get a little something, always in mild concentrations.

I have lost two plants to heat stroke. I remedied this by wrapping the black pots in aluminum foil. Two plants, likely weakened by heat stroke, were attacked by scale insects. I spent two days picking them off. I then sprayed them to get rid of the crawling vector. I scan them regularly for scale and mealy bugs, which like to wrap themselves up in cotton and seal themselves into the leaves. I pick out the worms and squish them.

One of the lost heat stroke plants that died nevertheless sent up 8 suckers, so it has a new life. Don't throw away a dead plant immediately. Bring it inside, give it a little shot of root stim, and wait 6 weeks. Keep it moist but not sopping wet. Give the roots a chance to recover.

So far since I've adjusted for heat stroke and sprayed regularly (every two weeks) for scale, things are much better.

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currilicious, can you share a link to the nursery in Hawaii where you purchased your seed? When I google "Hawaii Tropicals" I get several links, none of which seem to lead to curry leaf plant seeds ...

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@currilicious, @zensojourner I commend you for taking this much effort to grow this plant. And thanks for posting your experience too. I have been growing and take care of Curry Leaf plant for several years now. I was given a gift by someone and did not know much about fertilizing till I researched it online. It took me so much time to get this plant growing that I used to lose sleep over it. I made sure I didn't water it too much. Then it doesn't like the pot so much and halts its growth when in pot. It is nevertheless slow growing plant. Since I live in apt, my plant got stolen thrice. Eveytime it grew someone stole it. That time it was not in pot, but in ground and still someone had the audacity to pull a fully grown plant which was 2 feet tall with growings around. I got upset and could not believe and left that place of the plant as it is. Then after couple of months there was little suckers started growing in that place where it was pulled. I plant 8 of them in separate pots of which 1 survived. I put that one in sun and it started growing. After it became tall it got stolen. There was another sucker I found in the mud which was growing. I planted that in pot and used fish fertilizer, anti-bac soapy diluted water and rice water. It started growing rapidly. It was getting too much sun so I kept it inside whenever I could. Then there was scale. I had to remove scale with soapy water every month. But the plant was growing rapidly. Then it became droopy when transferred to bigger pot. I thought it would be better to put it in ground so I did. Then I started putting miracle grow and it was not droopy anymore. It started growing rapidly in ground and was almost 2.5 feet tall. But yesterday, after 6 years, and spending time and money someone stole the last surviving healthy plant once again.

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If you live in Southern California, interested in Curry Leaf Plants
Email me at

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