nico6196(Z5a)May 22, 2008

I was out for a walk today and saw an awesome yellow flowering plant. I did a search and I think it may be Doronicum. I've read it can become dormant in the summer months due to heat. Anybody have this in their garden and are in the same zone as me? Just curious what it does in the summer months and in the fall.

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It is hardy and blooms summer long. Common name Leopard bane. However it's worth noting that the plant is poisonous if ingested - so I recall you have young children and so be careful.


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I have 2 in my garden. After blooming they stay nice and green all summer. They are also in full sun. Marg

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abrodie(z6 ON)

Mine fade away in the heat of the summer, but they are so lovely and bright in the spring that I love them.

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madtripper(5/6 Guelph)

I have about 4 different varieties. Some are tall, some short, some with flat petals, and some with very narrow pointed ones. Easy to grow. Little leo is a very short compatct plant (1 ft tall).

In Guelph (zone 5 US), they will stay green all summer if:

a) they get some shade
b) they get enough water

If they are hot and dry, they take a summer rest under ground, but come back in fall. That is OK if you plant them near fall bloomers like mums.

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