Where there's a will, there's a way (greenhouse substitute)

bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)May 4, 2006

I had been planning to buy one of those Canadian Tire 'Seasonal' greenhouses to protect my seedlings from the rampaging devil rats (aka squirrels), but we got hit with another massive vet bill. So, no greenhouse. I'd rather have my cat than a greenhouse anyway.

But I still needed something, and since I didn't really want this thing as a greenhouse, but as a protective barrier, I decided to improvise. I already had a big box made of chickenwire and 2x2 wood, but it really wasn't the best thing for a lot of seedlings. I tore that apart, and with the bits of that and some creative dumpster diving, I made myself a nifty screen and chickenwire enclosure. It is six feet high, four feet wide, and almost two and a half feet deep. The back and sides are wood framing with chicken wire and I put wood trellis over the visible bits to make it a bit better looking. The top and front are window screening - the front is two long pieces hanging down, overlapping a bit in the middle, and attached to the wood at the top and the sides, but you can part it in the middle to get in. It has three shelves (plus the bottom) that can each hold about 90 4" pots, so I have enough space for all my seedlings. Yay!

I can't post a photo of it, because the charger for my camera broke and I haven't replaced it yet ( more bills!).


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merricat(Zone 3a Canada)

Bonnie, you're in inspiration to Tightwads (and glass-artists and writers) who garden everywhere....and I mean that without the slightest bit of sarcasm! =oD

I've got two of those Canadian Tire greenhouses (the largest they carry) and the only reason is that I was given one as birthday gift from my parents (it was half-price). I was so happy to have something help me harden off my bazillion tomatoes [well...most years, anyway :-( ] that I didn't have to fake excitement one little bit: I told them it was the best gift EVER, and meant it.

The rule in my family is Daughter Happy RE: A Gardening Thing = A Gardening Thing That Dad Must Have. So he went and bought one for himself. And thought it was the same as a commercial greenhouse - heat and ventilation and automatic watering. Yep, it's got all three: sun-heat (and a little space-heater for cold nights), ventilation (roll up the windows) and automatic watering (I turn on the water, it automatically flows, I fill my pitcher and water).

He was so disgusted with the *gasp!* WORK gardening was becoming that he threw it out, said "come get it or it's in the garbage." I only broke a half-dozen speeding laws (and a couple of Laws of Physics) getting to his place. Ain't clueless wanna-be gardeners wonderful? :-D

I'm glad I don't have much of a squirrel problem. I'm sure this wouldn't stop so much as a determined gerbil. I hope you can take some pictures soon, and show us what you built: I do veggie gardening out at a neighboring farm, and the gophers are aways a challenge. It would be nice to have a hardening-off pen out there. I could just throw a tarp over it at night if needed.

Toujours gai,
- Merri

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