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My strawberries seem determined to become perennial. I need advice and hints on how to let them and yet keep the strawberry production up to usage demands. So far I've only trimmed off the new plant shoots, and dead leaves. What else would encourage them to continue to be fruitful? All your experience greatly appreciated!

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Strawberries are perennial. Their best year is usually their second. The third year is still OK but the fourth production is poor and many commercial growers pull them out after the third year. During winter last years foliage should be removed to help the new fresh growth. Be careful to not damage the crown while trimming the foliage back. Regular feeding is suggested with the new growth. Commercial growers remove the runners to get more fruit production. Al

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keep the roots cool but don't mulch around the crown. Pick off any fruit that is past its time to keep disease away. In a pot, shade the side of the pot to keep the roots from dying where the sun heats the pot and soil. Get them to grow as big a root system as you can. Strawberries love having sand mixed into the soil.

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