Not-too-aggressive vine for shade

heckaboreApril 7, 2014

Anyone have a suggestion for a vine that likes the shade, flowers loved but not a requirement? I bought a trellis to camouflage an ugly downspout and am looking for a vine for it. I had planned on clematis, but there is more shade than I realized. I live in Contra Costa County, where it is hot and dry in the summer and cold (some frost) in the winter. I might just get a smallish clematis and hope for the best--I asked this question on the Vines forum but I thought I'd try here as well. I have heucheras and juncus nearby, which are doing well.

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elysianfields(9b CA)

Chilean jasmine is nice and not too crazy. Maybe an asarina if you want something other than a white flower, those come in white, pink, and purple / blue. Maybe one of the milder less crazy passion flower vines. Annie's Annuals has a good choice of vines for our climate. I'm in Wildcat Canyon in Contra Costa County and the air gets a chill at night so I need hardier stuff for when it freezes. I'd love to have a solandra. I tried two but they tanked when it got cold and they disappeared.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Love vines! Clematis is the only one I would consider non-aggressive. I imagine in deep shade the result would be spindly growth. If the huecheras do well maybe it's not as dark as I imagine.

Vinca minor is an aggressor here and will grow up a support. Do you have room for a pot at the base of the trellis?

Maybe a narrow screen could be used.

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elysianfields(9b CA)

This is a clematis I photographed yesterday in Mill Valley that was on an iron fence adjacent to a white flowering variety. It was fairly compact but I cannot grow them. Too chilly, I have a perennial one on the fence that I cannot get rid of that does not do much. Cobaea vines are gorgeous but a little on the nuts side if happy. Easy to keep in the form you desire though.

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pandorea jasminoides
I think it might bloom better with sun but there is one growing on the north side of an eight foot tall fence at my parents house. It needs tied to the trellis at first. It blooms enough to enjoy.

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Try a Trachelospermum jasminoides Chinese star-jasmine Evergreen dark green glossy leaves, fragrant white star flowers in summer. Can be cut back slow growing.

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Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I have decided to take a chance with clematis after all. I found one called Lemon Bells at Digging Dog Nursery and decided to take a chance on it. I have trachelospermum growing elsewhere in my yard and love the way it smells when it's in bloom. I had a couple of the pink-throated pandorea vines that I gave away because I couldn't find a place for them, long before I thought of putting a vine by the downspout. I think the clematis, if it is happy in this spot, will look beautiful with the heuchera.

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