Cynanchum marnierianum

land3499May 26, 2010

By no stretch of the imagination could this Madagascan species, an asclepiad, be considered attractive:

But then in the middle of December, it produces a wonderful little surprise:



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Now there's a plant that one isn't blessed enough to see every day. In summer, if you give it full sun, does it flower again?

The 'marnier' in the specific is, as you may know, in honour of the Marnier family of Gran Marnier fame. There's a fabulous succulent garden that they've sponsored, too.

Great plant and TFS!

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In the three years I've had it, it never blooms in summer, always in December. And it doesn't need full sun, although mine gets more-or-less full sun. It's also pretty thirsty, as you could guess from the skinny stems.

I just tried an experiment of rooting cuttings in water, and after less than a week, there are multiple 1" roots.

I had no idea about the Marnier connection. Maybe I should buy a bottle in its honor :)


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Ich suche Samen oder Stecklinge von Cynanchum marnerianum!
K�nnen Sie mir helfen?
I want seeds or cuttings of Cynanchum marnierianum! Can You help me, please?

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