When to Move a Crabappler

cactusmcharrisMay 26, 2009

We have an ornamental (in flower now) crabapple (Malus sp.?) that's in too-confined of an area and would do better being in another spot. It's about 10' tall.

Can anyone here give me some pointers as to when and particulars as to how for this particular genus? I've moved large shrubs and other ornamental plants before, but this is my first tree.

Thanks in advance,


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Correction - I don't now know, nor have I ever known, a crabappler.

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I would prefer to move such large things in fall when plants go into dormancy, still if the need is to do it now, I would guess it's not a bad time either. Only don't do it in summer, don't do it when the week has been particularly hot and dry.. Water the plant well a day before the dig. You will need some help. Two more strong arms or more would help. Start off by digging the hole the tree will be transplanted to. Add a little compost - no fertilizers. Have a large tarp or a wheelbarrow handy to place the tree. Make sure your spade is sharp. Then begin digging the tree. Start off by digging a large circle around the tree and begin digging deep and below the tree. Make sure you have a large rootball...Cut off excess small roots when doing so. The larger the rootball the better. Transfer to a burlap or tart or wheelbarrow and drag or carry earth and all to the new spot. Place in the centre (if using burlap, you can leave the burlap in the hole), secure the tree upright with stakes on 2 opposite sides. Start watering the roots and then start backfilling with the earth you took out. Don't use compost completely as the tree needs firmer soil to remain steady. Backfill right up to the base of the trunk, and cover with some mulch. Water regularly but do not fertilize - not until the tree is fully recovered.

Hope this helps.

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