Succulent Garden Plans Help!

sarahgwMay 27, 2013

Hi All,

I am looking for succulents that will tolerate 12+ hours of sun. I live in a very sunny area of Northern California in a 3rd story apartment building. So I get a lot of sun all day long. Usually from 6 AM until 9 PM (even longer as the summer goes on). Enough that it nearly kills everything that I put in my window boxes. So I've decided succulents are what I need.

I have 4 window boxes (standard size), 2 strawberry planters (9 holes each), and 1 hanging basket (its a very large one use to have two huge fushias in it). That I plan to fill.

So far I have

Mexican Ghost Plant (1 cutting)
Donkey's Tail (4 cuttings)
Jelly Bean (1 cutting)
Panda Plant (1 cutting)
6 unidentified (i'll have to take some photos)
1 Kalanchoe (I am not really sure what to do with it)
and unlimited amount of red apple aptenia (which I really don't like so I rather not use it but its in my friends garden so if I want it. Its free (and I can trade it too).

and Josh is sending me some Jade.

I am looking for any suggestions as what I should put in all of my planters that will handle the full the sun. Additionally since I have a lot of space to fill I am going to make a request in the exchanges section for what is listed here.

Can't wait to get started with succulents.

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Hi All,

I've added a link for photos of what I currently have. How much can I put in one box? I know there babies now so they will grow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Succulent Garden Photos

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Many agaves will take that sun and come in all sorts of sizes and colors..many small ones like agaveParviflora, agave parryi truncata, agave potatorum,(for seversl years), agave X bloodspot, Agave victoria -reginae,, How hot is your sun. Many opuntias, will do very well in that sun and don't forget cactus. How is your winter rain situation. Aloes love Z9b. I would really look into aloes.Aloes come in all forms and people in phoenix grow them so varieties can take the heat and sun. Research what aloes live in the Karoo desert. My ale capitata , Aloe cameronii, Aloe peglarae, Aloe arborescens , all take full sun. I find aloe Kalanchoe likes to be protected from afternoon sun.

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Great Questions!

I live basically on the water here. So our heat is never hot, and we often have fog in the AM, but the sun burns it off quickly and early. Avg summer temp is between 70 and 80. We do have weeks here and there that get up in the 90's. About 3 or 4 times a year we have days that are 100+ degrees. Last year we probably had double that and having more than one hot day in a row seemed hard on my plants. Especially my cold adjusted tomatoes.

I did pick up an Aloe Pinto (can't find any info on it) from Homedepot today. It actually had 6 babies in it for .49 excellent condition. I broke up the babies and put one in each planter box.

My neighbor also grows succulents and his Flap Jack is very happy, so I got one of thoese today as well.

Tomorrow a friend who is gardener is bringing me some succulents after work, not sure what he is bringing but said I would love them and they have bright red flowers.

I finally gave in and ordered a lot of 50 cuttings for about 10 bucks on Ebay. Really unique selection. I'll post updates on the garden as I get everything, and plant it.

Thanks for the suggestion on the Aloe. I am so glad I picked that up. Looking at the Agaves now.

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