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celia23January 7, 2007

Last year I tried to store the canna in their pots in the basement (first time with canna). Since they still had viable growth, I did not cut them back and watered them ocasionally (about once a month) over the winter. As spring approached, they began to rot. This year I was told to lift the tubers. At the moment, I have 6 pots of canna that have been sitting in the garage for the past several weeks. However, when I went to cut them back, I noticed that there was still some live foliage with several new shoots emerging. At the moment, the basement is about 65 degrees and the garage is about 55. Certainly, those numbers will drop if we ever get a winter. What is my best couse of action? Do I cut all growth back, if so how far? Do I leave in the pots? If I leave in the pots do I water at all? If I cut back and lift the tubers do I also lift the new shoots?

Advice from you veterans would be appreciated.

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I'd remove any dead foliage, unearth the tubers, clean them off by removing any clumps of soil, and put them in a cool, dry, dark spot. Without growing medium, light, or water, new growth will come to a halt. Hopefully, these conditions will induce dormancy.

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