Desert Queen Butterfly Chrysalis

adellabedella_usaJuly 27, 2014

I've been seeing what looked like smaller monarchs flying around. I haven't seen any new eggs or caterpillars. This afternoon, I went out and found this new white chrysalis. It looks like a monarch chrysalis, only white instead of green and has the gold. I'm assuming it is a Desert Queen. Also found a new monarch chrysalis. on the other side of the fence. Dd said she saw some more caterpillars when she looked. I'm interested to see what we've been attracting.

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Your use of the common name "Desert Queen" is interesting; I can only find one subspecies that would occur in the U.S. desert and it is commonly known as the Striated Queen.

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I could be wrong. I'm fairly new to identifying butterflies.

I googled "white chrysalis gold butterfly" and found a picture that looked like my chrysalis. Here is the article that went with that.

The article was written in Phoenix so I googled "Desert Queen Butterfly Houston". See the link for that. It is also referenced as the "striated queen".

Here is a link that might be useful: Desert Queen butterfly Houston

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Yes, the blogger there repeatedly refers to the Queen butterfly and has titled a photo "Desert Queen" not to name the butterfly but to denote a Queen butterfly in the desert.

But then again, that is how common names get started; Desert Queen is better sounding than "striated".

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