Snowbank and sunshine

karyn1(7a)June 3, 2010

You really can acclimate almost any brug to full PM sun. My Snowbank is in full brutal afternoon sun and is doing beautifully, as are the others in the same area, even a couple sangs. Not a single burned leaf though I'm sure the sangs won't bloom there. I'd allowed all these to go dormant last winter and when I pulled them out of the garage just left them on the driveway which gets full sun from about 1 PM till sunset. I guess since these have been in that location since coming out of dormancy they've adjusted to the exposure. If I took one of my brugs from the backyard, especially a variegated one, and put it on the driveway today it would be fried by Sat.

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byrd4460(9 LAKELAND FL)

Karyn, This is so true, Living in Florida all of
my Brugs has to be acclimated for at least eight
hours of full sun. All of my Brugs from cuttings
and up gets acclimated this way from the beginning
because of the Brutal heat here in Florida. What I
have found if you acclimated them very early they
will adjust and perform very well. Most of them even
had to get cut back very early because of their fast
growth rate. Once they are acclimated they shows very
little stress during the hottest part of the day.

Chocolate Brug

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CB you are so right about their not showing stress. I hadn't even thought about this until you mentioned it but the plants in full sun don't even wilt in the heat. My am exposure plants wilt as soon as it heats up, even when the soil is moist. They recover at night so it's not a problem but the foliage that doesn't wilt looks so much nicer.

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I only have so much shade and I've been making my brugs accept full on sun and it's been in the 90's here for days. They do fine as long as they are watered.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

That's good info. I am trying it with some of mine. Full brutal sun here in South Texas is way harsher than Maryland so I will proceed cautiously.

So far my best heat tolerant brug is a double white noid from Princealbert. Some new leaves sprouting on Daybreak burned this week in part shade when the sun got through to them in the pm and we won't even get our first triple digits until this weekend!

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Karyn, I noticed the same thing. I thought it may have been
because I added more moisture retentive things to my pots,
however, now that you mentioned it....I also pulled mine
out of the GARAGE early and was able to leave them there in
full sun for two-three weeks each time. They really aren't
wilting as quickly. This is a good thing!!

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