Accidently Broke my Canna While Planting

scubakathy84January 24, 2012

I bought a pack of 3 bulbs of Canna Red King Humbert (ok, I'm not sure if they are officially bulbs or tubers or ??, but I am calling them bulbs until I get corrected). I was planting them in some soil yesterday, but one of the bulbs snapped in half while I was handling it. It was sort of shaped like a dog bone and the weak point was in the middle which is where it snapped. Now I have two pieces, about 1.5" long each.

My question is will either of these pieces grow? If they can at least have a chance to live I'd be happy, even if they just give me a small canna that doesn't flower. Or is there no chance and I should just toss the broken pieces? New to gardening so I'm not quite sure.

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Rhizome or tuber is technically correct but for most here it is not a big deal. You do not indicate where you are located so hopefully you are planting in a warm climate area. Assuming your supplier provided rhizomes that have at least one healthy growing point you should still see at least one of the pieces survive and grow. With a little TLC you may see both pieces produce healthy plants.
Good luck and let us know.


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Thank you for the response! I inspected the pieces and it does appare that there is a growing point on one piece. Couldn't find one on the other. But I'm thinking I will plant it anyway and see what happens. I am glad to know I haven't completely killed this canna.

I'm in zone 9. Its a little too cold here right now for planting outdoors. So I figured I would get a head start and plant them in pots indoors by a sunny window and move them outside when it gets warmer.

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