Where to buy Pine bark fines in Toronto?

elberethJune 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

Anyone know where to buy pine bark fines in Toronto, preferably in North York / Scarborough? I couldn't find it in the large home/garden stores like Home Depot, Rona or Canadian Tire. Or is it sold under a different name? Thanks in advance,


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Well if they can't be found in seasonal centres, do start checking regular all year round centres.

To start in North York you can call Sheridan Nursery (located on Lawrence in Yonge), Woodhill Nursery (on Steeles (I think)) and in Richmond Hill, Angelo's Nursery (also in Richmond Hill - but closer to Vaughan), Tree Valley (Bayview & Elgin Mills).

Just be prepared to look around for the best price available because if it is that difficult to locate in seasonal centres, it might be pricier than the rest of the mulches. Have you checked walmart BTW?

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Hmm, haven't checked Walmart. Thanks for the tip.
I did check Sheridan. All I could find was an orchid bark mix containing untreated bark, which made my plants rot. =(

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Before you go visiting garden centres, contact them so you aren't wasting your time. There's another garden centre opposite to Sheridans on Highway 7 and I cannot recall the name for that one. I haven't visited it but it does look intriguing.

Oh and yet another area to check -- LOWES.

Untreated wood isn't not good at all for plants.

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Bark certainly needs to be treated before being used for orchid culture, in so far as it must be stripped of all softer core wood. Otherwise it will rapidly decompose in the humid atmosphere most orchids need, causing root suffocation, or in the worst scenario, disease.

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true. they are nitrogen robbers. So you need these stuff for orchids?

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For orchids, and to make a more long-lasting planting medium for my potted perennials.

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you know, I originally lived in southeast asia. Many orchids there and I recall my mom using coconut husks to grow orchids in. And if you are interested, I spotted Canadian tire selling these stuff in large quantities. Otherwise, you might just simply approach local orchid growers for their sources of pine bark.

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mariana2007(6a ON Canada)

2 years ago I found it at Fortinos 3940 Highway 7, Vaughan, in a No name yellow bag. They were fine pine bark and partially composted, and I made my own planting medium following All's recipe. I hope they are still carrying it.

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I acn't find Pine Bark Fines in the GTA either. Closest I have been to this, is a $10-12 per 2 cu.ft. bag of mini-nugget Pine Bark, branded "Hillview" @ Rona on 401 and Winston Churchill. (1 week ago)

I may have to drive back there and use the lawn mower method.

Anyone else having better luck?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lawn mover method, by bonsaist

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Where you ever able to find the pine bark fines in Toronto? I would love to know where you did.


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Try calling around garden centres -- not just the seasonal ones but those like Humber Nurseries in Mississauga, or Sheridan Nurseries in North York. Or if this is seriously for orchid growing medium - then there are orchid societies here who can at least provide directions. Start with contacting the Toronto Botanical Garden for information on such clubs because I do know they host annuals orchids show there.

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I know this is a year later, but Alltreat makes a canada red pine bark mulch that's supposed to be really great. Home hardware can order it for you.

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Alltreat is pretty good. It's all I have found that meets my needs. However by the time I screen it I end up wasting 30-50% of the bag because its too fine/dusty.

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