Anyone growing Mango tree in the bay area?

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)April 5, 2010

I am seeing more and more mango trees in the local nurseries these days. I am interested in the Manila mango trees. Wondering if anyone is growing any kind of mango tree successfully in the bay area? Mangoes are my all time favorite fruit and I would dearly love to plant one in my yard. But considering how my Lychee tree died in the frost a few years ago, I want some encouragement before I buy a mango tree. BTW/ I grow a few seedling mango trees (Keitt and Kent) and bring them in for the winter. Would love to hear that someone around here has succeeded!!!

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I had a 5 year old Manila fruit in 2006. About a couple dozen fruits that were very sweet in August(when first ripe) to sour in December-last green one picked. But the wife likes Asian style sour Mangos so no waste. A potted 9' tree then. 2007's big freeze took it down to the roots. it regrew,was frosted again, regrew again last year(now in ground by then) to 2 1/2 foot. This year, December halved it again. All My fault-I know I should have covered it..but didnt. In between another Manila Mango did great,flowered..then died after I planted in ground from who knows what.
I think,since Manila is a dwarf,potted growing in a large container is worthwhile-I saw a post of a fellow bay arean with a 12-15' potted Manila he protects in winter that has great summer fruit.
My advice after all this-go potted, cover whenever they say arctic intrusion, or simply put in the garage a few nights...then its good for the year outdoors. And Manila is your best bet to be reliable fruit.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I will get a Manila mango from my nursery this spring. i am so amazed that it regrew so many times and is so hardy. Definitely seems to be the right one for my area. I am lax about frost protection for my trees too.
I just noticed your post on the tropical fruit forum about Bailey's Marvel mango. I was under the impression that Keitt was the most frost tolerant until I read about Bailey's Marvel.

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Also Ashley-the Mangos sold locally are always in pots much larger than they NOT transplant!..if you hate the look of nursery pots,place it in something nice,because I promise you if you tap it out of the nursery pot,the root ball will fall apart. By next summer it will be safe to repot IF needed.
Also 2: I like to put saucers under my potted plants-even cacti and succulents- Mangos HATE saucers! I did that a couple of years ago and the trees leaves in just a few days got that burned edged look,very distressed look..removed the saucer and like magic within looked good again. The root tips wont take sitting in even the shallowest bit of saucer water.
Finally-they love heat. It can NEVER be too hot here or a spot too hot. That wall or fence that gets blazing hot sun all day long?-great Mango spot.

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So far Ashley-its lived up to the cold part-mine is flushing new leaves despite the chill. But,some say they never fruit in California. If you ever see a Tammy post-contact her, because she's got some varietys that are doing well you might be interested in....but I have heard of too many Manila's, plus my personal experience to not put them at the top of the class. I had somebody tell me they saw one in ground like a small tree in Santa Cruz-wow.

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

Hi Ashley,

I just wanted to update that I did get a ripe mango off of my glenn mango tree here in Marin.

I also have an alphonso mango tree with about 8 small fruit on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mango Tree in Northern California

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