Will they still grow? I really need some advice!

danny1984June 2, 2013

Hello! Does anybody out there know if you can sow papaver somniferum poppy seeds in eastern ontario starting in late april until june 1 and still have them come up sometime soon. Like, is late April early enough for them to come up at a decent time, like early summer or whenever? I am really not sure if sowing even in late April is early enough and deffinatly not sure if planting after that random times until June 1 is early enough. The last time I sowed these multiple kinds of papaver somniferum poppy seeds was the morning of June 1 because I was told they need cold weather to even sprout, so i planted a crap load of them at that time hoping I would get all my seeds in before its too late, I think that the first of June is especially too late, or is it for them to sprout at all? Or when will they pop up? As well as the earlier seeds? I don't even know if the late April ones will pop up? Man, I really hope some of them pop up! Last year i tried planting some during the summer and had no success, so it made perfect sense that the seeds need some cold weather to start. I wonder if all of the seeds will eventually grow before summer ends?That would be awesome but i think that would take a couple of cold weeks starting june 1 so i doubt the june seeds will grow considering it is getting warmer every day now. There was alot of cold rainy weather after the first bunch of seed showings so I have some hope. I just hope the weather was and is going to be right for most of the seeds to grow? I really need some advice! Can anyone give me some answers? I would really appreciate it if someone could respond to this! Peaceout! Sincerely, Danny 1984

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My Mom grew the double almost black ones and the double reds. In both cases she just scattered seeds about now and they came up. Don't think she covered them all that deep, just dusted with a thin covering of soil. She always said they shouldn't dry out or they might not come up. Sorry, that's all I can remember.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

My Mom used to tell me that if seeds germinated after being frozen all winter, under the snow, then they should germinate no matter when you plant them...the earlier, the better...and she never bothered to cover them just scratched them into the ground. She had poppies growing nonstop, beautiful colours.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

If you ever want to force something to grow from seed, place it in frig or freezer for awhile...lets seed think its over wintered when you plant it outdoors...it's very hot lately..spritz your seeds if no rain available.

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shillanorth Z4 AB

Most poppy seeds need light to germinate so be sure to surface plant them. Any I have sowed in the summer I never see till the following spring.

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