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spapaMay 4, 2014

The first plant was labeled as E. 'Cante.' I thought it looked right, but its leaves weren't in an upright position; they are growing horizontal, like G. pentandrum. I put it in a sunnier spot to see if that would change it but it didn't do much. The leaves also don't seem that smooth around the edges like I think of with E. 'Cante.' Does it just have to grow bigger to have those nice upward-growing rosette leaves?

The second was a no-name from eBay. Any thoughts?

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Photo #2

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I would suggest it might be Echeveria 'Afterglow' which is a cross between E. cante and E. shaviana.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

This is my Echeveria cante.

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Hmmm...I do have an afterglow and it doesn't look like the same plant. For one thing, the new one is much less purple. I wonder if it is a cross between cante and afterglow?

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I doubt it would be a cross back to one of the parents, but then maybe. could have something to do with sun exposure, watering etc. Many Echeveria will lose/change color with lower sunlight. As an example, my Echeveria 'Black Prince' go from deep purple to almost all green over the winter because of decreased Michigan sun. A few weeks out in full sun and the color returns.

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I [ and my friends who looked @ this this morning ] go for Cante. It can be variable. Yours needs extended time in bright light to reduce leaf length and get form. It doesn't happen overnight.I can see by the leaf of Topsy Turvy beside it that it's lower light lhan ideal. At the size it is I would cut the head off and restart. That gives it the encouragement to tighten up. They need morning sun till around 11am @ least on a regular basic to grow to true form , I know where one lives decides this factor, but it is very important issue to get these plants to grow to true form Good Luck

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I cante stop loving those.

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Hi echemaniac,

Not sure what you mean about the topsy turvey. It has grown very compact and about doubled in width since I got it -- one of my favorite plants! No stem visible between leaves, they are growing in right on top of one another. Maybe it just looks odd in the photo.

The cante was in my sunniest spot, but I was having trouble with it. Even with adjusting it from the greenhouse where I bought it to the bright sun over a couple of weeks it burned, and kept burning. Also got dessicated. The leaves on the side that got the most sun started to curl in on themselves. The leaves also started to have even less smooth sides, got kind of crumpled up; they've calmed down and smoothed out a bit since I moved it 6" back from south-facing window, and they've since stopped curling as well. I have no etiolation problems with plants in this area. But, it doesn't seem to be able to take all of the sun, either. It couldn't have possibly had more sun than it was getting, so I don't think that's the reason for its appearance, unless the current leaves simply won't change because they grew based on conditions where I bought it. Maybe new leaves that grow in will be more normal; haven't had it long enough to tell.

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My apologies to your T.T. The conditions your plant has been grown in originally would make a difference to appearance. It may take a full season for the new growth to change. I have come to realise that I do not understand the concept of how one has to grow them for survival in various parts of U.S. Mine are all outside in full sun from April / November.. under solarweave through Summer. Dec/ March I have decided perhaps I had better leave future comments to Howard and Rosemarie, who have a better idea of growing conditions there. Good Growing

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No offense taken :) We will see how it looks after growing this summer; fingers crossed!

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