Wilting and dying leaves on seedlings...

Buddy_from_NSJune 2, 2014

Hey folks, this is my first post, and i've bee lurking just reading up on some things. I've had some seedlings planted indoors now for about a month. Some are growing ok, others not so ok.
I have some cucumber that were doing great, and then yesterday, as i was hardening them off, i think i might have gave them too much sun, and this happened.

I also have some radishes that are wilting as well. My peas look dreadful, and my peppers as of yesterday have started to lose color in the leaves.

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the peas

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the peppers

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The first post shows the cotyledon being affected and the same with the last photo - but these are the seeds itself and its suppose to drop off. If the true leaves are affected then you have a problem.

The pea plant = looks like it's been affected because there was a period it didn't get any water and then suddenly watered. A case of inconsistent watering. Was that the case?

The one thing you should watch for is a fungus called DAMP. It kills suddenly. the entire plant just dies out. Once a plant is afected, throw it out before it infects the others.there's some anti damp treatments available at garden centres. However once this thing takes hold, it's very difficult to manage. Best to throw out affected plants and to treat unaffected plants. Do not over water the plants. Also keep your plants well ventilated using a fan (gentle cycle). I usually add a little layer of sand on top to prevent these things from happening.

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It could've been inconsistent watering...but i didn't let them wilt or anything before watering them...but i did let the soil dry out.

One thing to mention is that i started them in little peat pots, not the pellets, but the square little pots that come in 6 and are about 2 inches high. After watering them in those pots for about 4 weeks, the pots started to look like there was some cobweb mold growing on the sides of the pots where they got wet and dried out. The peas appeared to be "infected" first. I transplanted them afterwards to styrofoam cups. They seemed to do ok afterwards for about 2 weeks, then this happened.

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mold - but it's not the DAMP mold. Looks unsightly but that can be managed.

What I normally do is to water from below.. I set my plants on a tray and just add water to the tray. It also prevents DAMP.

other than that peas - the plants are fine. The true leaves are vibrant and looking okay. Those leaves that you say are drying up are actually the seed itself. It contains the nutrients that plant needs to grow itself. It's meant to dry up and eventually fall off.

The peas should be okay for as long as you are consistent with the watering. It's just as bad to overwater though so bear in mind to keep things just moderately moist.

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Thank alot. How do you manage the mold? Should i trim and discard the infected leaves?

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just use an anti fungal spray and provide it with a light breeze so it dries out a bit.

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