Canna for Valentines Day

ferretFebruary 8, 2007

My wife likes plants and along with some flowers I had a great idea of getting her some fun plants to go with her "regular" flowers as a surpise for Valentines day. I found some Cannas on Ebay (she currently has some "plain" Cannas) that I thought would be unique and very pretty if they bloomed. Well I got them today and finally educated myself a little more about them and am concerned and have some questions about them. The types of Cannas I got were called "Canna Lily Phaison" and "Orange Canna Lilies." I had these shipped to Minnesota and I think I might have ruined them by having them shipped to us now when it is VERY cold here. Do you think shipping them in the cold killed them? Also, I had heard now that these are poisinious, is that true? (We have small children.)Are all Cannas poisonous? Sorry for the LONG question but am wondring what you thoughts are.


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What a great Valentine idea!

I guess it's possible that they froze, but canna rhizomes are pretty hardy;

mine stay in the ground year-round, & they've survived 9-degree nights that I know of.

can't help on the toxicity question, but...
cannas are in every grandmother's garden around here, everybody I know grew up with them, & we're all still here!

Lots of plants, like oleanders are "poison" if ingested, so, uh, don't eat 'em.

Hope your wife liked the cannas!

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