Volunteer canna #2

PIGEONBOB(Z5--OHIO)February 13, 2013

I could not figure how to post two photos, so here's the picture of the same canna with an open bloom.
Bob Faulkner

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Your canna seedling is a good example of our small flowered hybrid cultivars. It may even be a primary hybrid but that is difficult to confirm. It also typifies the results of producing a mature blooming plant in the first season of seed germination; assuming the seed is germinated early in the season.

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Thanks Kent,
I was hoping that I wouldn't be one in a row of people with the same question..and boring you all to death. I went into my basement and checked the tuber on this one. It's totally healthy, very thick and I will plant it again in the spring. If it looked this good the first year I can only imagine what it will look like now. Also, Is it common for cannas to have branching? This one had two side branches, above all the leaves with blooms all over them. Any how thanks for answering, this one was fun.


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Hi Bob
your canna is beautiful! I wish I had a surprise like that in my yard!

I started Canna from seed last year for the first time. I took seeds from Malcolm and Tangelo and had 9 or 10 plants that bloomed 3 months later and all were a different shade from yellow to orange to pink
...I can talk canna all day and still not get sick of it....I love them!!

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