Butterfly questions

deadpaislyAugust 11, 2011

Well all of my plantings in the last year have brought many different Butterflies to my yard. Right now I have Monarchs laying eggs on my Butterfly weeds then enjoying the butterfly bush. I also watched a Tiger Swallowtail lay eggs on a a nearby tree that I think is a plum. Lastly I watched a Hummingbird Clearwing lay MANY eggs on my Nannyberry.

I have collected one or two of each of the above mention species. I know the monarch will form a chrysalis and hatch about 10 days later. Does anybody know when the Tiger Swallowtail will emerge if raised successfully?? Will it emerge next spring or this season? It is already August 10th and I live in the Chicago area. Same question for the Humminbird Clearwing. Hatch this year or next spring.

Thanks for any info.

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

The TST would eclose next spring, assuming you keep it in outdoor type temperatures.

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