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stang67_v8February 3, 2005

Is it ok to plant cannas in Z8 yet? Most people around here leave them in the ground year round, so I'm assuming it is.

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I think the recommendation is to wait until the soil has warmed and night temps are above 60 degrees F if you're planting rhizomes. After the first season you can indeed leave Canna in ground yearround in your zone 8.

Some people (in colder zones where nonhardy) start them in a pot inside early in a warm place, watering very lightly until the first leaves appear, then placing in sunny window, to get an early start. But in Zone 8 they grow so quickly when planted outside it doesn't seem necessary to start inside early...just your choice. Good luck. josh

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Robin_northtexas(z8 dfw tx)

Cannas are hard to kill here in Texas. If you're worried just mulch well. Robin

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