should I dig up my canna?

martuna(8/BC, Canada)February 27, 2005

I bought and planted a canna plant in a pot last year and it flowered forever. I didn't dig it up or do anything to it over the it going to survive and grow again? Should I did it up and check on it? When should I start to see if it survived? I love it and want to make sure I have one again this year!

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Grant(6a - ON, Canada)

Hi Martuna you are lucky that you live in a zone where you "should" be able to leaves cannas in the ground to over winter. I would tend to be optomistic that you will see your cannas again when it warms up, but cannas don't tend to do so well with a cold, wet, soggy soil. So if they don't make it this year for some reason, I would amend the soil where you have the cannas planted so it is better draining (mix in some horticultural sand or some organic material, or both, and while your at it you might as well throw in some well rotted manure) and try again. Once you have amended your planting bed try planting some test cannas (perhaps some cheaper ones that are easily replaced) to make sure that they will survive.

Anyway here's hoping that things work out well and your cannas grow to new heights.



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