Yey! Grapes Finally!!

homey_birdApril 27, 2012

I have had a Flame Seedless in the ground in 2009, and a Thompson Seedless in the ground in 2010. I was beginning to give up on them because they were showing no signs of grapes all this while, but I think they heard me :-). We had a heat wave with 90 deg weather this past Friday, and I now see tiny bunches of buds on both Flame and Thompson.

Just wanted to share! I am so excited!!

By the way, I've had a Perlette that I put in in 2010. That one has been extremely slow to grow and establish, with mere inches of growth being put the past season (the year I planted it, it hardly grew, just showed signs of being alive that's all). I am being patient with it, but is this typical of perlette or does this signify a need to feed it more?

As a bummer, I'm told that Thompson will not grow grapes that are very edible in my climate. Both Flame and Thompson get almost 10 hours of sun every day --- so I guess I will wait and watch ...or I will have to plan on replacing Thompson.

Any positive experiences anyone has to share?

Thanks in advance!

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

Years ago when we were living in Martinez (zone 15), we had a Thompson grape. It was rather old and we were building a shop and so decided we would take the grape out....but it bore so well that we ended up building the shop around it...literally.

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Thanks for posting. For the grape experts here, I have a question: does it take weather nearing 90 deg for grapes to blossom or is this more due to the vine becoming ready to bear?

Also, a local nurseryman told me that Flame will do well here. I have planted Perlette based on information that it needs "less heat" than others. I tried researching for temperatures optimal for each variety but only could get vague mentions of "hot summers" and "less heat" etc. Exactly what range of temperatures is required to ripen them optimally?

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Congratulations. I had Flame and Perlette on an arbor, but I finally managed to kill them. A friend has Perlette on her back slope and it gets hundreds of bunches- more than all of the birds can eat. Amazing. They are sweet as can be, too. She lives in the San Fernando Valley.

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

Our red flame seedless looks to be loaded this year, and it produced pretty heavily last year. We've now got grape trellis halfway around the house.

Took a bunch of cuttings that are pretty well rooted and leafing out nicely if anyone is interested. We are in Tujunga, north central L.A.

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