bulbs or rhizomes

POISONPAWS(Z6 PA)February 8, 2005

what is differance between bulbs & rhizomes ? if so should i buy rhizomes or bulbs ? thanks

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don_brown(Zone 6A NS)

A Rhizome is a modified STEM structure, which may be above or below ground, depending on the type of plant. It is adapted to storing energy and physically spreading the plant from one location to another. Since the rhizome comes from one host plant, any piece of that rhizome will be genetically identical to its parent...a clone.

Cannas have underground rhizomes, which are commonly used for propagation because one can be sure of getting a plant like its parent. Since cannasas are hybridized, their seeds may produce varying results.

Plants with BULBS such as tulips and onions are a little different. The bulb is a modified structure for storing enegy as well, but it consists of layers of undifferentiated tissue which can remain dormant for long periods of time, and when conditions are favourable, growth and differentiation into stems, roots and leaves will result. One may plant the seeds of bulbous plants, and the seedlingss will eventually produce bulbs. Bulbs may also asexually reproduce, in which case these new bulbs will be identical to the parent bulb.

Bulbs are usually in the lily family of plants. In the case of cannas, which are related to bananas and bird of paradise plants, you will find rhizomes and corms.

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