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stampsterzone5ansJune 25, 2010

I am looking for info on your favorite rototiller and why,hopefully I could get the same here in NS. I have just started up gardening again,after not being able to for a few years and now the gardens are full of tall grass and a few shrubs and plants....I would like to get the grass out somehow but not kill myself doing it. I thought if I could cut the grass really short,rototill it then put cardboard or newspaper down,plus dirt and mulch I'd be able to begin again..?? am I delusional.or even cut the grass and cover it? even more delusional?lol .Plus I would like to start a wee veggie big of a one do I need, I need to be able to handle the rig alone......Any ideas would be REALLY appreciated.Love this site.....thanks in advance....Sam

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You are a little late for this year. What I'd do is dig the grass out of a small plot for putting in a few things like a couple of tomato plants if you can still buy some.

Then you should start a lasagns garden where you are going to put your garden. You could start now and have good soil for next year. Investigate how to do it on this site

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rototillers work for vegetable plots -- at least in my opinion. But personally I never use them. if you plan to kill off the grass by the methods you described, why not simply cut the grass and do the newspaper thing. Why rototill. Sounds overkill to me.

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madtripper(5/6 Guelph)

rototilling grass does not work well. You just cut it into little pieces which will grow again. Either use Roundup or paper.

rototilling a garden does not make sense. Every time you do this you disturb and kill vital organisms in the soil. You then mix up the soil to expose new weed seeds, which will thank you for your efforts by growing good and tall - so you can do it all over again.

the less you touch the soil the better.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

for me and my gardens, roto-tilling makes all kinds of sense. I live in Brampton and we have about a 2" layer of top soil and the rest is clay. I have spent many years turning the soil by hand and burying in compost and peat in order to breakdown the clay.

I know some people say that you disturb the natural soil fauna but I say they don't deal with the same situation I am dealing with.

I bought a light weight tiller that is great for established beds. I picked it up from Canadian Tire. It reminds me of a Mantis but cheaper.

It has done a fantastic job. It even grabs small tree roots that try to creep in to my garden. The only done fall is that the roots have to be removed by hand. I love this thing and wonder why I waited so long. It makes soil preparation a dream.


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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Green thumb guy, what make and model is your tiller?

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)
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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Really nice machine. I'll start saving up my pennies.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

I picked it up when it was on sale for $50 off. Since that time, I have seen it for $90 off.

I truly love this machine. The days I use to spend turning the soil and mixing peat are no more.

It makes planting so easy.


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