Montreal rain and bugs

winnjoe(MTL)June 29, 2009

warning: rant ahead.

So I moved to Montreal last fall. A coworker told me that he puts his orchids out on his mid-day-shaded balcony for the summer and they get enough rain during the summer that he doesn't need anyone to look after them. Enough rain! Mine are drowning! I've spent a good part of the last 3 weeks taking them in and putting them out.

Part 2. Last fall I bought a post-flowering NOID orchid at a plant shop. I figured $10 (the lady in the store spoke no French or English, just "orchid" and "flower") was worth a try. I went to repot it when I got home and earwigs came out! I washed the whole thing with some insecticidal soap and potted it up in new mix (throwing the old mix and pot in the garbage - I hate earwigs in the house). It has been on my desk all winter under lights with everything else, and is now on the balcony. So it spiked! And a few days ago I got a beautiful white flower with purple and violet markings, not a hint of green or brown- perhaps a Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis of some sort. And I look in one of the flowers that was unfurling and what do I see? AN EARWIG. On a third floor balcony. It couldn't possibly have survived the repotting and the washing and the winter (the thought that it was on my desk all winter is unbearable, therefore I prefer to believe in magic flying earwigs). Feh.

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Earwigs crawl they could easily crawl up to a 3rd floor balcony.

They do come in the house but I don't think they'd live the winter. Besides if they were in the plant all that time you would have seen some chewed leaves.

More than likely whoever had the apartment last had flowers on the balcony and the earwig overwintered in a crack somewhere. Scatter a few earwig pellets around and forget it.

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earwig pellets! I like the sound of that.

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Strangely enough, the rainy weather seems to be good for my seedlings from Oz!
....I would have thought that plants native to the extreme west of Australia (near Perth) would be more fond of desert-like weather.
....just have to make sure they don't get flooded :O)

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I think getting flooded is a realistic concern! Hasn't it rained every day this week?

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here is a link to the NOID Orchid I mentioned. I think it is perhaps Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis Princess Diana.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis Princess Diana?

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