Another Rose of Sharon ?

cookie8(zone 5 ON)June 7, 2006

Instead of hijacking the old one, though I'd start a new one. My ROS is just starting to come in. I started it by seed last year and so far the bottom of the stalk is pretty full! Reading the other thread I see this is common (for the late foliage). Now my question is, will it flower this year? AND, if not, I will be moving in the fall and would like to take it with me, will it transplant okay? The new owners probably won't be keeping any of the gardens so this is okay with them. We are just moving across the street so same soil/environment conditions. Thanks.

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Yes it will flower this year. When you transplant it just make sure you shovel a large amount of soil around the base and bottom so that you don't damage the roots and it should do well.

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

Thanks. At the very least, I will get more seeds if it doesn't transplant well!

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