Spruce with Spider Mites

elsa_ca(S z15 USDA z9CA)April 20, 2013

The house/yard we purchased a few years back included an ~55' tall blue spruce (Colorado or Engelmann). Concentrating on getting new landscaping established, I didn't notice problems with the tree until a kind neighbor pointed out some damaged or dead limbs.

All signs point to spider mites. The simple home-garden counter-measures I've read about (e.g. hosing off the plant, spraying with soap solutions) don't seem like they'll work for a tree this size. There are supposed to be predator insects that are effective and that don't cause other problems.

Anyone have success in dealing with spider mites on a large tree?

Menlo Park

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One year on my mom's property, we had a bad infestation,I tried the non-toxic remedy and didn't work. I ended up spraying it with an insecticide and it did remove the mites (fairly quickly). I don't recall which kind it was though, it was like 10 years ago.


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