rerooting in ... cat litter ?

Microthrix(9)May 4, 2012

As i searched the web for tips on rerooting i found that some people use cat litter! Does anyone have experience with this? If so tell me how it went ... and if so what type of cat litter? ... i have some things that need rerooting

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I rather you use dry stall, that is used in horse stables, cat littler may be okay if you can find the non-clumping or add a lot of pumice to it, or coarse washed construction sand. The water must drain rapidly, you don't use any thing that retains water any length of time. You never said what kind of plants you are talking about, what kind of pots you use. Are they sun or shade plants, do you want to know what the professionals use for cactus and succulents/ which ones? it is not cut and dry as you might think.It's also a seasonal thing some plants are watered in the winter other only in the summer months. Please tell the group what plants you are growing. It makes a difference Norma

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O_o im trying to reroot a myrtillocactus an echinopsis a melocactus (already has cephalium ...) and a few random succulents (nothing special) i usually just reroot in plastic pots

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zone 8(Zone 8)

Micro, I found cat litter breaks down too fast. I use oil dry from the auto store. Have found it to work as rooting medium and to use instead of turface, which I con't find here. Happy gardening, Larry

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