Help me figure ou these plants?

LilacIsLove(5a)June 5, 2011

This first one is a vine growing up my fence. It gets little blue berries, though I don't think they're blueberries, LOL!

The next I got amongst some grape hyacinth in a plant exchange:

And last but not least, this one had nearly taken over my garden this year!

Sorry for the quality! Does anyone know what any of these are? Thanks!

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Whoops! Please ignore the misspelling in the title!

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1. Virginia Creeper. Birds love it!
2. Centaurea Montana. This one can become invasive if you don't watch it.
3. I think it may be some type of Oxalis but not sure. I'm sure someone will know for sure.

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Wow, you really know your plants, thanks so much!

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

The third one is not Oxalis. Flower looks like a Geranium, but the foliage does not. Perhaps it is an Erodium.

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It definitely looks like Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum). It's lovely, in any case.

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