ancient/witchy gardens

blackgavotte(5aNS)June 1, 2011

Is anyone out there doing a witchy type garden? I have just started a new garden, getting the layout decided etc, its a very, very small strata yard but knowing me, I will cram lots into it within the next year or two... does anyone have ideas? I have some sun, ( not enough) and a fair amount of shade, live in lower mainland B.C., lots of rain, especially this year !!!

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Not sure that kind of garden that is? you mean something that looks creepy? In which case- a Harry Lauder Walking Stick shrub. Black mondo grass. Moss covered stone statues..

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When I think ancient/witchy garden I automatically think tons of medicinal herbs and lots of variety. Being in lower mainland BC you've got a climate that makes it ideal to keep an herb garden that would be suited to something grown in old England.

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wormwood, tansy, yarrow, mandrake, poppy, monkshood, sage, henbane, datura,, belladonna, foxglove to name a few.

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