Taking 'Black Knight' out of basement....

flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)March 24, 2005

Well, this is my first attempt of overwintering canna. I dug up 'Black Knight' in the fall, after the first frost. I placed the canna in the basement to dry out for a couple of days. I then proceeded to wrap the canna in newspaper, and place it in a paper bag. It was then placed in a dark, cool spot in the basement.

When I went to pot up the canna a few days ago, I am not sure it looked too good. It had black, mushy (kind of) tips where I expected to see a bit of growth----although, I do see the smallest touch of red on one spot. Anyway, they just don't look "healthy". Like I stated, I may have one healthy eye, otherwise, I fear I have lost them.

Is there something I should have done differently in storing the canna? Boy, I am sure I followed the advice I read on storing canna bulbs.

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flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)

I meant to add, are some canna's "trickier" to overwinter than others?

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don_brown(Zone 6A NS)

I pack my canna rhizomes after they have dried off in the autumn......in clean peat with a bit of sulfur mixed in. The combination retards fungal attack (the black mushy stuff is the result of that.)They go in loosely closed plastic bags in the basement where it is cool. You will always lose an odd one.....but after awhile you will have so many, it won't matter!

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I just read today from ian cooke's book "the gardener's guide to growing canna" -(amazon.com) that "black knight" is NOT listed as hard to overwinter in a dormant state.
'Australia' and 'light of christ' are listed as difficult.
I haven't read the whole thing yet. There are probably more.

My friend just reported the same as you with his first black knight canna. You can pot it up and hope for the best. It should show root growth after 10 days near a heat register in a pot with soil and a tiny bit of water.- That last bit is advise from me- not the book. My first tuber of black knight was a very tiny tuber and I'm not sure if it made it yet or not.It's potted in a 60 degree basement and will stay there until a leaf appears.


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